‘Tell you what the footballing world bloody needs?’
‘Man City to be charged for their 115 instances of blatant cheating before they win another double in front of our very eyes?’
‘NO! (well yes!) but I was thinking of another Arsenal blog!’.

Well, times are hard at ArsenalShorts Towers so I thought I might try to raise some much-needed beer funds by getting back to copying articles, writing lies and shite about everyone’s favourite team to hate, and our favourite team to love; the original GOATS, the Good Old Arsenal Team.

Despite another decent campaign, chances are we fall short again this season following the no-other-way-to-put-it, disastrous and fatal defeat at home to Villa last weekend, but as I write this, we find ourselves back atop of the league after a nervy win at Molineux last night courtesy of goals from Trossard and Odegaard.

There are plenty of twists and turns to come of course, Liverpool have three away games in a row now starting this afternoon at Fulham, Haaland is supposedly ‘a bit tired’ so who knows, they may both still drop points but we’ll no doubt give it a good go between now and the end of the season.

Our next two games aren’t easy at all, with the visit of the 2nd most corrupt side in the league as Roman Abramovic’s Chelsea come to Arsenal on Tuesday night, followed by a visit to ‘Big 6’ side Tottenham Hotspurs*. I mean, you could argue if we come through those two with all six points, then it feels like we deserve to win this thing, but with a game against Bournemouth, a visit to Old Trafford, plus a visit from Everton on the last day, there are still a few banana skins to come as we aim to win our first league title since the Invincibles of 2004.

Any other season where we still have to play Chelsea, Spurs, United and Everton, you might write us off, but this time, it feels different somehow, we’re better, we’re bigger, we’re on the up and it feels like we’re building something special on something special.

Anyway, this will probably end up as a total one-off and I’ll forget to write anything else starting tomorrow, but I’ll give it a go.

Come on you REDS.

* Big 6, ok mate.