The club has today announced that our ticket prices will be going up by 4% next season, despite our tickets already being the highest in the Premier League.

They say that the decision has ‘not been taken lightly’ but the price rise is sure to anger fans, who are already facing other less important price rises to energy bills, Council Tax, petrol, food and mobile phone bills.

Our cheapest season ticket now will be around £930 a year meaning for the 19 league games, we’ll pay around £50 a ticket, which actually seems pretty reasonable in this day and age.

The club said:

“This decision has not been taken lightly. Ultimately in the face of continued rising costs, we need to continue to drive growth in all our revenue streams – including matchday – as part of our aim to return our finances to a break-even position in the medium term…”

There should also be a reduction next season due to our rather Spursy FA cup first round knocked out by Nottingham Forest style performance and no European condition so the rise should be swallowed up in there, for next season at least.

Full details here and they also mention that we are investing in a new roof, big screens and turnstile readers along with generally smartening the place up as the stadium as definitely looking a bit tatty around the edges.