It’s been revealed today that the 15-year-old The Emirates Stadium which Arsene Wenger built is going to get a bit of a makeover. You may remember we moved into the stadium in 2006, and if you’ve been to watch us recently, you’d have noticed that the ground is all of a sudden looking a bit tatty and in need of some Kroenke love (i.e. money).

While Mikel Arteta has managed to halve the player wage bill and streamline things on the pitch, it seems like the Kroenke’s will still need to dig deep just to literally keep a roof over our heads. It looks like we are going to need a new roof, one which doesn’t leak, and there’s talk of the facade of the stadium also being refreshed.

The big badges need a refresh and the legends wrap (Caterers take note, this could work as a new snack option) could be replaced with digital screens. The turnstiles will also be updated to accommodate more of the new-fangled digital phone QR modernisational e-things.

Pointless Wednesday Round-Up

There have been rumours of a new statue in the shape of Arsene Wenger, an Arsene Wenger statue if you will.

It’s claimed that fans will be consulted part of the renovations, hopefully, Arsenal ones.

We will need to go a long way to catch up with the Tottenham Hotspur stadium though. The 1961 champions can boast the longest bar in Europe, along with a cheese room, beers that pour themselves upside down, and 234 more seats than the Arsenal stadium, 6,500 of which are left empty each week for safety purposes.