Dutch side Ajax have sacked ex-Arsenal winger Marc Overmars after it was revealed he was caught red-handed having sent saucy texts to several female colleagues.

An Ajax statement said:

“Director of Football Affairs Marc Overmars will leave Ajax with immediate effect. A series of inappropriate messages sent to several female colleagues over an extended period of time underlies his decision to leave the club…”

Overmars was understandably sheepish about the whole thing:

“I am ashamed. Last week I was confronted with reports about my behaviour and how this has come across to others. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that I was crossing the line with this, but that was made clear to me in recent days. I apologize. Certainly, for someone in my position, this behaviour is unacceptable. I now see that too but it is too late. I see no other option but to leave Ajax. This also has a major impact on my private situation. That is why I ask everyone to leave me and my family alone…”

There’s in the doghouse, and then there’s Overmars. I would imagine getting caught doing this would rule out an Emirates return for the disgraced ex-Arsenal player.

…and yes, this is a very slow news day.