We have had some fixtures moved around, this time not by another team lying about false positives, but by Sky and BT Sport, who also hate us.

The games in question are Watford Away, Leicester at Home and Villa Away.

Watford v Arsenal
Sunday March 6th (originally 5th)
2pm on Sky Sports

Arsenal v Leicester
Sunday March 13th (originally 12th)
4.30pm on Sky Sports

Aston Villa v Arsenal
Saturday March 19th
12.30pm (was 3pm) live on BT Sport

We still have some games to be rescheduled due to COVID cancellations namely: Wolves H, Liverpool H, Chelsea A and Spurs A.

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Liverpool has been moved due to their involvement in the Carabao Cup and Chelsea away has been moved due to their involvement in the World Club Championship cup type thing.

Wolves postponed our game due to COVID and you might remember we cancelled our game at the home of the 1961 League Champions, they didn’t mind too much so that was good.