The Premier League have changed the rules on COVID postponements following Arsenal postponement of the North London derby earlier this month.

They have moved the goalposts yet again just for us following our fully above-board, legal, yet hilarious postponement request and the subsequent five full days of moaning by anti-Arsenal journalists and Tottenham fans which almost broke the internet.

The uproar caused by the cancellation request which was granted by the Premier League caused Tottenham to release an unprofessional and juvenile statement that stated they were surprised by the cancellation.

Aubameyang Sent to Coventry, while Wilshere Gets a Bonus

Premier League clubs will now need to have at least FOUR positive COVID cases to get a game called off. It’s not known how many Liverpool will be allowed to lie about having at this stage – more on that later.

The new rules will come into effect ahead of the next Premier League game which is Saturday, February 5th when Burnley will probably attempt to cancel their game with Watford.