According to The Athletic, we are being investigated after some suspicious betting activity was highlighted earlier in the season.

Apparently, a ‘large’ sum of money was placed on a game earlier this season, and most of the Twitterati were quick to put Granit Xhaka’s dodgy yellow card at Leeds into the mix as the one responsible. He was strangely booked for time-wasting late on in the the game which we were leading 4-1 at the time.

There’s talk of one of Xhaka’s mates putting £65k on him getting a yellow card, but again, this is just Twitter speculation,

The FA told The Athletic:

“The FA is aware of the matter in question and is looking into it…”

The Athletic claim they know who the player is, but won’t divulge who it is at the moment.

We can ill afford this negative attention ahead of tonights League Cup semi-final especially given the recent outrage over our postponement of the Tottenham game last weekend.

Meanwhile Liverpool have admitted cheating to get the first leg postponed which is all being swept under the carpet, we await the outrage attached to this one…

Still waiting…