At the start of the season, you might have suggested that wearing white was part of our surrender of any form of hopes and dreams for the oncoming season. However, since our impressive revival, it’s now been revealed that we’ll wear an all-white kit for our non-postponed FA Cup game away at Nottingham Forest on Sunday to raise awareness about knife crime and youth violence.

We are removing all red from our current Adidas shirt and it will be a customised all-white kit, unavailable to purchase, but it’s reported that the shirts will be awarded to those special people making a positive difference in the community.

Ian Wright and Idris Elba are both supporting the campaign, and Idris Elba (Arsenal fan who does some occasional acting) said:

“The idea that Arsenal are going to come out in an all-white kit and say ‘No More Red’ will hopefully make people think ‘Hang on, what’s going on here?’ then look further and try and find out more…”

The reasons why they are doing this really resonated with me. I’ve got a big youth following and people always say to me: ‘Idris, you came from the same place I came from, how did you do it?’ And, it’s the same with the footballers.

To see these two giants say we want to do something significant, specific to the culture of football, that says we are watching, we care, we want to do something – that really resonated with me. It really did…”

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