Arsenal have been fined £20,000 for being slightly annoyed that Gabriel was wrongly sent off against Manchester City last weekend.

Arsenal have accepted the charge and hopefully paid the £20,000 in once pence pieces. After some quick frankly shockingly bad decisions and inconsistent refereeing and VAR-ring, the officials will obviously remain unquestioned despite us losing all three points after City’s 96th-minute winner (which looked offside btw).

Gabriel was sent off in the 59th minute and there was a few scuffles and murmurings towards the ref before the Brazilian defender was pushed into the ref by City players causing the cheating Atwell to brandish a second yellow card towards him.

We have now apparently accepted the made-up charge which was that we ‘failed to ensure that its players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion during the 59th minute’.

FA Bow Down to Lying Liverpool to Cancel Semi-Final #LFCON

Obviously, the FA are coming down hard on Stuart Attwell after his cheating antics. He will be relegated to VAR for Leicester’s FA Cup game against Watford, and then be back to being the main in the middle for the FA Cup game between West Ham and Leeds United.

Mike Dean will be turning in his grave after Atwell’s disgracefully biased and unfair performance, no doubt.

…Oh, isn’t he?