Afternoon Gooner(s)!

Looks like I’ve not posted a proper post since the end of April, and while that’s not really that long ago, I feel like it’s time to bless you with my absolute Arsenal tosh once again.

Last season was a bit of a car crash let’s be honest, we won nothing, deserved nothing, surprised no one and ended the season potless. The gulf between us now and the top two $ides in the country at least is mighty. The mini-gulf between us and the next two is still impressive and there’s even a crazy-gulf between us and everyone else we’d call rivals right now.

It feels like the owners couldn’t care less and as a result, the club is in a mess and we are still to address the positions we desperately need to bolster and look set to kick off this season on Friday woefully short of what we needed.

Since COVID and all that kind of thing happened, I for one have really taken a step back from it all. No longer am I sulking for 2 days after a defeat, I just expect it now. I can hardly remember one result from last season, such is the mediocrity of our current side.

We actually beat Chelsea away (and home?), Tottenham at home, United and Leicester away but really it was the other ‘must-win’ games that were disappointing and left us outside the Europa League places, and even outside the InterToto Rumblelows European Vase places.

Anyway, England did an Arsenal in the Euros, and our pre-season has been awful, we’re still littered with injuries and spots in the squad that need filling. We are still paying Willian a fortune to be awful, while Aubameyang couldn’t hit a donkey’s arse with a banjo.

Any road up, there’s your round up, I’m going to start getting back to offering you my latest Arsenal nonsense as we go, and despite not having a ticket for Friday, I’ll be watching and wondering what way we can find to cock things up this year while other teams go spend £100m on players they don’t need.

Welcome back to the Premier League… and it’s LIIIIIVEE!

[Note to self – new website ideas: 1) ArsenalTosh 2) ArsenalNonsense]