In this topsy-turvey season of COVID and Harry Kane’s highly illegal special move* which will one day definitely break someone’s neck, the TV companies have seen fit to rearrange a bunch of fixtures just to meddle with things further and annoy us even more.

It’s also worth a mention that Southampton beat Shrewsbury Town last night in the 3rd round of the FA Cup and as a special reward, they get to play us on Saturday in the 4th round at St. Marys. The winners of that game, hopefully us, will then travel to either Wolves or Chorley who play each other at Chorley on Friday night.

I have copied and pasted my special email direct from Arsenal below, just for your delectation. Please don’t travel to these games without checking beforehand, oh hold on… don’t travel to any of them as there’s a global pandemic going on and you might die.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Arsenal
Tuesday 2nd February 2021
Kick-off: 6.00pm (originally 7.45pm)
Live on: BT SPORT

Aston Villa v Arsenal
Saturday 6th February 2021
Kick-off: 12.30pm (originally 3.00pm)
Live on: BT SPORT

Arsenal v Leeds United
Sunday 14th February 2021 (originally Saturday 13th February 2021)
Kick-off: 4.30pm

Arsenal v Manchester City
Sunday 21st February 2021 (originally Saturday 20th February 2021)
Kick-off: 4.30pm

*clever play and professional