Punters are spoilt for choice when wagering on sport. Thanks to the rise of online gambling platforms, it is easier than ever for someone to place a bet from the comfort of their home. It’s not just sport, either – it is possible to bet on everything from reality TV shows to presidential elections. 

Due to the options available, it can be difficult to settle on the best markets to win with your bets. The focus should be on sports you closely follow, of course, but they might not provide the best value for betting. 

To help put you in the right direction, the following article will spotlight four of the best sports for betting. 

1. Football

As this is a website dedicated to Arsenal, there’s no other place to start than with football. While betting on the beautiful game might not be wise if you’re an Arsenal supporter and the ultimate optimist right now, there’s a reason why football is by far the most popular sport for punters.

The wide assortment of markets available helps the popularity of football betting. You can bet on everything from the first goalscorer to the number of corners in a game. One of the best betting options, however, is the over/under goals. Picking a winning team in an evenly matched game can be hard, but predicting how many goals will be scored is often easier to anticipate.

2. Horse racing

As far as actual fans go, horse racing is not even close to the most popular sports in the country. Yet when it comes to betting numbers, it only sits behind the aforementioned football. A busy calendar contributes to the popularity of horse racing, where marquee events like Royal Ascot and the Grand National even grab the attention of ordinary folk who usually don’t gamble. 

For any success in horse racing, it’s highly recommended to follow recent form and understand all the betting choices available. The Unibet horse racing guide is a great starting point. 

3. Tennis

Tennis has always been a common sport for fans and punters alike. However, due to the birth of live betting via online bookmakers, its popularity has only increased with those who like a little wager. Due to being able to bet on every match, set, and even game as a match progresses, you can alter your betting strategy on the go – a great tactic if you spot something like a sudden dip in form or an injury. 

With four Grand Slam tournaments and many others across the season, there are many opportunities to bet on tennis. 

4. Boxing

Boxing is a great choice for punters in much the same way as tennis. It’s a one-vs-one sport, and it can change drastically as a bout develops. This makes it a great choice for those who are shrewd, can spot changes in a boxer’s stamina and mentality, and wager on this via live betting. 

Aside from boxing, MMA continually grows in its prevalence as combat sports go, and you can even bet on professional wrestling.