Arsenal have had their worst start to a Premier League season in their history and look in turmoil ever game at the moment with them losing 1-0 to Burnley on Sunday night in front of a small crowd for the first time since March. Something certainly needs to change at Arsenal if they are going to get back to where they want to be and below, we discuss their options.

[Image: TEAMTalk]

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First of all, Arsenal will be looking at Mikel Arteta at the moment and asking if he is up to the job of managing Arsenal FC. Arsenal have looked totally limp and to be honest poor this year; they don’t look like scoring at all, they aren’t playing the free-flowing football that Arsenal fans are used to. To be honest, Arsenal looks like they have run out of ideas and don’t know where they are going, and there’s a reason why Arteta is favourite to lose his job next in the Prem priced at 2/1.

If it’s not Arteta’s fault, then something has to give with the players, and especially the strikers as they have only scored 10 goals this year in 12 games. All summer, Arsenal fans were crying out for the signature of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to re-sign a contract but ever since he has, he’s only scored one goal from open play this year which isn’t good enough for someone who is the top paid player at the club.

And finally, the mentality of the player might have to be questioned due to the performances that they are displaying on the pitch. For example, Granit Xhaka in the Burnley game strangles a playing in front of the referee and deserving is given a red card – what player does this in their right mind? Xhaka knows he will be getting a red card for this but cannot help himself, something no Arsenal player should be doing. Arsenal fans will be seriously questioning if Xhaka and a host of the other payers are fit to wear the jersey.