According to various reports, including this one from the Daily Star, William Saliba is set to arrive at Arsenal from Saint-Étienne following the cancellation of the French football season due to Coronavirus.

He still won’t be able to play for us though even if the season does get back underway, but it will be great for him to have more time with the squad once things get going again.

Saliba will officially remain a Saint-Étienne player until the end of June, and it’s thought that he still won’t be able to play ‘this’ season, and will only be able to play in the 2020/2021 season, should we actually get to the point where this gets started amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

FIFA have said:

“If a loan ends on June 30, the player should return to his club but the window would not be open and the return transfer would not be processed…”

Saint-Étienne narrowly avoided relegation thanks to some sterling performances from Saliba despite several injury problems during throughout the season.

Rumours of a move back to Italy for Lucas Torreira rife in today’s news