At a Premier League meeting today, it was decided that this season will be completed. However, there will be no restart until at least the 30th of April as the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the world.

Games had already been postponed until at least the 4th of April, but will now be pushed back further as the world comes to terms with the virus. With last weeks decision to cancel the European Championships, it looks like the priority is now get all of the domestic leagues and cups finished off.

It was agreed on the conference call that the season can be “extended indefinitely” and played out to a close meaning Liverpool are pretty much confirmed as 2019/2020 champions and we still have a shot of making the top five spots, albeit unlikely.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin denied Liverpool would have been crowned Champions had the season been cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and said:

“I saw and heard some again fake news that UEFA will advise leagues to finish the championships now and decide that the winners are the ones who are number one now. I can say that it’s not true. Our goal is to finish the leagues and we didn’t recommend anything like that to any association or any league…”

It’s still hard to imagine games being played at the moment when we’re not even meant to be going outside, so we just have to hope things finally get back to some kind of normality soon and we can get back to watching the game we all know and love.

Stay safe out there reader(s)…