Arsenal doctor Gary O’Driscoll has dramatically changed his mind about joining Liverpool and will remain as Arsenal’s doctor according to David Ornstein on The Athletic.

Liverpool’s current Andrew Massey is set to leave the club to work at FIFA and it was initially thought that O’Driscoll was going to leave Arsenal to replace him but now this sensational story has been turned on its head.

The Athletic are saying that Edu and Mikel Arteta have managed to persuade O’Driscoll not to head north and to remain at Arsenal. The (paid) publication are also saying that everyone at Arsenal were impressed by the way O’Driscoll single-handedly, selflessly and heroically kept the coronavirus at bay after Mikel Arteta contracted it last week.

Arteta was thought to be the first Premier League professional to contract the disease yet it didn’t spread anywhere else through the club thanks largely to O’Driscoll.

Elsewhere, the European Championships have been cancelled due to the coronavirus and it remains to be seen if or when the Premier League will restart as the virus continues to wreak havoc around the world.