According to the Daily Telegraph, Matteo Guendouzi was dropped for the 4-0 win over Newcastle after a huge hair-based bust up in Dubai with Arteta and his coaching staff.

Reading between the lines (i.e. I just made it up) the argument was said to have begun when Guendouzi claimed his frizz was better than Arteta’s perfect trim. Arteta went off on one and laughed him out of the room, while the back room staff held back Guendouzi who quickly realised he had it all wrong and Arteta’s funky do is literally unbeatable under all categories of Hair Top Trumps.

Guendouzi then went off in a big sulk on a golf cart and even when David Luiz caught up with him and tried to explain that no one could ever beat Mikel in a ‘hair-off’, the Frenchman started on some of the back room staff who he felt had worse hair than him.

The Telegraph, while they don’t confirm or deny the ArsenalShorts take on events, claim that the argument did indeed continue with the backroom staff and then at the back on the hotel in the evening.

Dani Ceballos played in place of Guendouzi at home to Newcastle over the weekend, and played really well after a slightly shaky first half and it looks like Guendouzi will now be fighting for his place after the Dubai debacle.

With Arteta set to reshuffle the squad in the summer, things like this are not going to sit well with the Spaniard and with Guendouzi likely to command a decent fee after an impressive first season, there’s a good chance he may be moved on to accommodate more senior players.