According to a report in The Mirror, Arsenal are looking to bring back Arsene Wenger to ‘help Mikel Arteta’. The article literally has no facts or quotes, and is purely speculation during a very slow Arsenal news week (as you can tell by our last two articles).

The reports claims that the ‘Arsenal board have already spoken to Arsene Wenger’ about the seemingly made-up ‘role’ but the whole article is basically bereft of any actual facts, quotes or anything at all which points towards it being remotely true.

If you spot any facts in this article, please let us know!

In other news, it looks like Sir Wenger has been shortlisted to become president of French club Rennes as their rich owners prepare to try to lure him back into club football. Rennes announced last week that current president Olivier Létang was leaving the club in something of a surprise departure.

Wenger was named as FIFA’s new technical director recently, but it’s thought that he remains open to a new opportunity in club football, and something in France would probably be ideal for the Frenchman.

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Within FIFA, Wenger is responsible for all football development activities throughout the world for the men’s and women’s game and he also chairs the Fifa’s technical study group.

In summary, Wenger moving to Arsenal looks about 1% likely, Rennes slightly more so, but I would imagine he’s probably got his hands full with his current FIFA role so would be very unlikely to take on anything else.