After several days of speculation, it looks like the Arsenal web team have inadvertently revealed Eddie Nketiah’s next move.

According to some eagle eyed Twitterers, the Arsenal website tonight published a photo of Nketiah accompanied by the words ‘on loan’ next to a Bristol City badge which was subsequently removed and reset back to Leeds United.

There was talk about Nottingham Forest being the next destination for the striker and even a move by Premier League strugglers Aston Villa but it now looks like Bristol city could be his next move.

Nketiah only featured 17 times for Leeds, mainly from the bench as his bid for more playing time was hampered by Marcelo Bielsa and his bucket.

Despite Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang being (deservedly) sent off during our 1-1 draw against Palace and the need for a replacement, Arteta is more than happy with who we have and will let Nketiah leave for pastures new, wherever that might be.

In other news, it seems as though we are to appeal against the Aubameyang red card, which could end up with an extra match ban if unsuccessful. For me, it was a red card all day long and I think we should just take the punishment instead of possibly making things worse.