According to numerous reports today, Manchester City are ‘fuming, proper fuming*’ over Arsenal finally holding talks with Pep Guardiola’s number two, Mikel Arteta.

*made it up.

It’s being rumoured that City have offered Arteta a new deal until 2023, when he may take over at the City helm from Guardiola, but it’s thought the cheeky little Spaniard wants to come to Arsenal and be number one, like right now.

Arteta was on the bench for City’s League Cup game at Oxford but it’s now thought that the decision has been made, an announcement imminent that he will replace interim coach Freddie Ljungberg and join Arsenal permanently.

In other billionaire-based-football-news, City beat Oxford 3-1 and will now face Manchester United in the Carabao Cup semi-final.

A City ‘source’ apparently said via The Guardian that:

“It’s surprising to hear that plans are being made by Arsenal to unveil our coach as their head coach on Friday on the basis that no contact has been made by the club to discuss this matter…”

Guardiola himself said there was no news:

“When there’s news I will answer it but there’s no news..”

Arsene Wenger is quoted as saying:

“I am an Arsenal supporter and at the moment I support the manager in charge and the manager in charge is Ljungberg. When Arteta will be in charge I will support Arteta. He is intelligent, he has passion, he has knowledge, but Ljungberg as well…”

Hopefully some news soon, and when we find out, you’ll be the next to know! Come on Kroenkes – make it Arteta!