According to a report in The Sun, our trip to West Ham could be ‘in doubt’ after a World War II bomb was found near to West Ham’s London Stadium.

They claim that on Friday specialist bomb disposal experts (led by Danny Welbeck’s Dad; Stan more than likely) were called to the scene and put up a huge cordon around the bomb site.

The Sun’s ‘source’ said:

“We think it is an unexploded bomb. It’s crazy to think of all the people walking around here during the Olympics and we had no idea it was here…”

Another bomb disposal visit is scheduled for the 25th of November and could put our game on the 9th of December in doubt if the threat is considered a serious one.

I would take this story with a pinch of salt as the site has already been made safe, something which probably wouldn’t have happened if the threat was a real one.

Stan Welbeck was unavailable for comment.