They say that you can’t mix betting and emotions, but many players out there do. If you are an Arsenal fan, and you are wondering about the bets you should make during the upcoming season, we have several suggestions you should consider.

1.    There Will Be a Lot of Goals

If there is anything we can claim, it is that there will be plenty of goals on Arsenal matches. Our strikers led by Lacazette and Aubameyang seem impressive, and it is hard to think that they can fail to score over the course of 90 minutes.

Add to that midfielders like Torreira, as well as Kolasinac and Mustafi who know how to take advantage of set pieces, and we shouldn’t worry about scoring. Our defense, on the other hand, is not our strongest suit, which is why we may also allow more goals than we would have liked.

If you feel like playing on a big number of goals, make sure to find a bookie with the most tempting odds. We suggest you to read betting reviews at and discover which bookmakers are the best choices for football betting.

2.    Arsenal Will Win the Europa League

We are certain that most of the fans would prefer to win the Premier League. However, if there is one thing that bettors know, it is that there is no room for emotions, and you need to look at things realistically.

Chelsea was the better team in the Europa League final this year, but that could all change the next season. The players are now more experienced, and Emery already proved that he is a cup competition expert. Therefore, if you bet that Arsenal will win a trophy, it would probably be a cup tournament and not the Premier League.

3.    We Will Win at Home

If we only counted matches played at the home stadium, Arsenal would finish third in the Premier League last season. The Gunners were far more successful when playing in front of their crowd (kudos to the supporters), and there is no reason why that wouldn’t continue the next season.

During the last season, we managed to defeat Manchester United, Chelsea, and Tottenham, and we are looking forward to more wins in the coming months.

4.    The Opponent Will Score First, but We Will Turn Things Around

It is something that happened on multiple occasions during the last season. Starting from the match against West Ham in August 2018, and ending up with two matches against Valencia in the Europa League in May 2019.

All these have one thing in common – the opponent scored first, but Arsenal won in the end. We don’t know if it is the lack of concentration or another issue, but it is a bet that experienced players might want to utilize. The chances are that the odds will be high, and you can also place live bets while the matches are in progress.

Do you have any betting suggestions for the upcoming Arsenal season? If you do, do not hesitate to share them with us!