In the broad sense, football refers to an altogether different sport that includes kicking the ball to varying degrees. However, football is not restricted only to a few countries. Many countries play the game and have created a niche amid sports aficionados.

Football History- Ancient to Modern

People played football in different countries since ancient times although in various forms. Over the years, football has evolved dramatically. As per FIFA, football’s governing body, football in the modern age originated from Cuju, a competitive sport. It is the foremost competitive sport where participants were involved in foot-kicking the ball into the net via an open passage.

The term Cuju indicated kickball. They also included it in the military manual, as a form of an exercise. There is documented evidence about this in the activities that resemble football in a Chinese military manual, Zhan Guo. Based on the historical evidence, there is indeed confirmation that both the ancient Greeks and Romans played various forms of ball-games which included the use of the feet.

Under the British Empire’s expansion, football was introduced as well as gained recognition in the areas that were directly under the influence of the British. They made distinct regional codes towards the end of the 19th century. Back in 1888, England established the Football League.

This league was the foremost of many professional soccer competitions. During the 20th century, various forms of football began to grow, and this sport eventually was recognized as a popular game across the world. For the latest news and updates on football, visit Wager Bop.

Skills Needed in Football

To play this sport one needs adequate power and pace. The player must have a good physique for tackling. It is common because of the game’s physical nature. 2 teams play the game – it can be an international level game between countries level or clubs in leagues of various countries. There are 11 players in each team including a keeper who is positioned ahead of the net. In football, body tackling is a major skill.

Football Rules and Regulations

No matter the form of football, each has its respective rules and regulations. It is the total number of goals that decide the winner in a match. The team scores a goal when a player finds the back of the net of the opponent. A shot aimed towards the opponent’s net is counted as goal if the ball crosses the defined goal-line according to the FIFA rulebook. The winner gets points, and the other team naturally does not get any point. In case of a draw between both the teams, each will score 1 point respectively.

Soccer news from the world, national and also regional football is exciting; no wonder die-hard football fans keep an eye on the game regularly. Today, with online sports websites keeping a track of games played across the world has become all easier for football fans. Be it on your laptop or your Smartphone you can enjoy all the latest news on football.

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