It’s the worst kept secret since Spurs announced their ground ‘wasn’t quite ready’ 3 months ago for the new season, but it appears that Adidas will take over from Puma next season in a deal some outlets are reporting could be worth around £300m (or 2 Lucas Torreiras).

The club confirmed the deal today with the following tweet:

It’s thought that Adidas will double the amount Puma pay, with claims the German giants will pay us £60m a season for the next five years. The new era will begin on the 1st of August next year as the Puma deal expires at the end of July.

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Man United get £75m a season from Adidas which just about covers Alexis Sanchez, and Chelsea get around £60m from Adidas matching what we can expect to earn.

There won’t be too many Arsenal fans sorry to see the Puma deal run out, many feel the ‘Adidas era’ was the best in terms of kit design and hopefully the return of ‘the three stripes’ will bring us some luck and some much needed silverware.