Arsenal still look short of quality in a number of areas this season, and that will likely count them out of winning the Premier League. This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t put their efforts into winning it, but they should concentrate on bringing home silverware that could prove easier to achieve. Emery has his sights set on long-term successes at Arsenal, and he knows he’s up against it in terms of winning the league this year. So, trying to bring home silverware for the fans to enjoy this year will only come via the domestic cups. Here are five reasons you should bet on Arsenal to come out as FA Cup winners.

1. Arsenal Have FA Cup Winning Experience

Arsenal are one of the very few teams that have won the FA Cup on more than 10 occasions (FA Cup winners 13 times). They don’t necessarily have the same players who won it last time, but winning the FA Cup is in their DNA. The fans love the FA Cup, the players love it, and the owners love it, so why not chase a tournament they have a chance of winning instead of chasing one they have a slim chance of winning? Of course, if you do fancy Arsenal to do the unthinkable this season, why not have a look at these football stats for bettors and see just how likely it is.

2. Cup Games Will Give Arsenal a Chance to Avoid Top Opposition

Although Arsenal will fancy themselves against any team in the world on their day, they need to be realistic in terms of knowing which teams they can beat with the quality they have on the pitch. They can’t match teams like Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, or even Tottenham in some areas, and the FA Cup could give them the chance to avoid such teams on the way to the final. The FA Cup could technically match them up with all those teams, but it’s unlikely; they do have a much better chance of avoiding them in tournaments.

3. The Opposition Might Not Field Their Strongest Players

The FA Cup gives teams the chance to rest multiple players if they have tough games coming up, and that could, again, work in Arsenal’s favour. If they set their sights on FA Cup glory and Manchester City concentrate more on the Premier League and Champions League, Arsenal will likely have a stronger squad out than their opponents. Teams like Liverpool and Manchester City have bigger fish to fry this year, so they won’t mind if they go out of the tournament early to give themselves fresher legs to go on and win what really matters.

4. Arsenal Will Field Their Strongest Squad

You can almost guarantee that Arsenal will field their strongest squad in any cup game they play this season. They already know it’s likely their only chance of silverware success, and it’s another reason why you should consider betting on them to win it. It won’t be easy, regardless of the squad they field for their cup fixtures, but you can be sure they’re going to have more chance if they do.

5. Emery Needs Silverware

Finally, Emery will ensure Arsenal compete for at least one piece of silverware this season. After all, it’s his first season in charge and he will want to make a point. If Arsenal go without silverware once again, questions will start to be asked of Emery. It’s not always fair on a manager in his first spell, but it’s what Arsenal fans expect from such a big club that has won everything in the past.  Emery will ensure all his players make an extra effort with cup games so they can go home with winner’s medals.

There are always surprises in the FA Cup and it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see a little minnow like Bristol Rovers walk away with the trophy. However, it’s obvious the FA Cup is the best chance for Arsenal to walk away with silverware and the above reasons are just some of the few you should consider.