Arsenal and Arsene Wenger have agreed that the manager will be leaving his role at the end of the season after nearly 22 years. This came as a shock to many when the news broke but something which has been on the cards for a while. It is understandable that Arsenal want to move to the next level and the recent performances under Arsene Wenger have not been the best over the last few months.

Arsenal finished outside the top four for just the second time in 21 years and were knocked out of the FA Cup in the third round last season and these disasters became a big issue for the finances of the club and despite the recent FA Cup win, many still felt things were going backwards under Wenger.

A section of the media claim that Wenger was asked to leave despite the Frenchman not wanting to go and it’s now clear that Arsenal will be heading in a new direction under the guidance of whoever comes in to replace him

Almost all the clubs in the Premier League can afford players that ordinarily may have just opted to join the top four/six sides before thanks to the injection of cash the receive from the TV rights year in year out making it a difficult task to be at the helm of any of the big clubs and even Spurs.

Now that Wenger will definitely leave at the end of the season the club will have to start (if they haven’t already) searching for a Manager that can cope with the reality of the modern game and pressure that goes with it at a club like Arsenal.

Clubs like Man City and Man United are where they are now because they have spent big, and while it’s not necessary to be the biggest spender the clubs have to invest in key positions and it will be interesting to see how the club is run after Wenger’s departure at the end of the season.