Alongside the ongoing recruitment of new players, Arsenal are also looking at getting rid of a few players that have failed to live up to the expectations of the club.

Just few weeks ago, Unai Emery was announced has the club’s manager following Arsene’s Wenger departure after an amazing 22-year spell at The Emirates Stadium and he’s wasting no time in shuffling his pack.

He looks pretty interested in building his own squad, especially the defence and midfield and he’s being backed by the fans (including me) following his decision to get rid of some of the ‘dead wood’.

With the season set to resume again in August, The Gunners have announced the list of players who are going to stay for the new season, but unfortunately there are a few  players listed which will be looking for new clubs this summer, these are:

  • Marc Bola
  • Santi Cazorla (sob!)
  • Alexander Crean
  • Aaron Eyoma
  • Ryan Huddart
  • Chiori Johnson
  • Hugo Keto
  • Per Mertesacker
  • Tafari Moore

Personally, I think we need to let go of more players than are listed above so there will be room for more players with a winning mentally to come into the club, but lets give Emery a chance to weave his magic and see how we go come August.