Arsenal’s reported interest in Nice midfielder, Jean-Michael Seri, has caught the attention of the Arsenal faithful who have begun fantasising about the 26-year-old joining Arsenal on social media already.

Some even went as far as Photoshopping the Ivorian Coastian in an Arsenal kit.

But would the Ivorian bring something different to the red-clad half of North London?

First thing that jumps out at you about Seri is his impeccable passing ability, boasting the most accurate passes (2,328) in Ligue 1 this season.

His ball retention quality is another major trait of his game, yet he isn’t one to simply retain possession for the sake of it, Seri bides his time before striking. A return of 37 attempted through balls over the last two Ligue 1 seasons is the seventh highest, if you exclude the rampant PSG players, he rises to third in the French top flight.

Arsenal have Granit Xhaka as their current central midfielder, however, the arrival of Seri will no doubt see Xhaka play fewer games next season, the addition of Seri would be a huge bonus for Arsenal and the new Manager.

Should the deal materialise, the Ivorian could slot in alongside Xhaka in midfield with his dynamism, energy and physicality, this would definitely shore up the midfield which is so often referred to as lightweight. The bad news however is that this acquisition could spell the end for fan-favourite Jack Wilshere at the club.

One weird downside though, the Ivorian often suffers from chilblains, a condition that causes small, itchy swellings on the feet as a reaction to cold temperatures, something we get in the UK during the winter months, between August and March haha.

Seri said last year:

“I don’t see myself playing in a country where it’s cold. I hurt everywhere and I struggle to train…”