Now that it’s certain Arsene Wenger will be leaving Arsenal at the end of the season as confirmed by the club last week, talks over his replacement have already begun. Arsenal’s club record goalscorer, Thierry Henry has also made his thoughts known concerning the vacant position at The Emirates.

The former French international is surprised the club did not already have a name ready at the time Wenger’s statement was released.

Henry was quoted by Express to have said:

“When I saw the news, obviously my thing was like ‘who is next?’ Normally when you do an announcement of someone leaving, it’s because you are going to soon announce who is coming. You didn’t sack someone, when you sack someone it is very difficult, you sack someone and you are trying to find someone quickly, you have a caretaker manager that comes along. But I’m waiting to see who it’s going to be and I would like to think and hope they have someone in line…”

According to reports from The Express, the club has already identified who the next manager of the club will be. A few of the top names being bandied about are Luis Enrique, Carlo Ancelotti and Masimilliano Allegri.

The bookmakers are favouring Enrique to take the job but it won’t be a surprise to see a former Arsenal player coming in for the position.

It will be interesting to see the decision of the club and whether they decide to go with a known and trusted hand or a younger less experienced appointment.