It’s the silly season of speculation and much of it comes in the form of who should take over from Arsene Wenger at the end of the season.

Gary Neville believes the best candidate to take over from Wenger has to be a man who is willing to punch above their weight and according to Gary Neville, Simeone is the most suitable and qualified manager to take over the reins at The Emirates.

Arsenal’s hopes of challenging for the Premier League next season with a thinner budget compared to the huge financial power of the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Man City mean that we need to go for a manager who can maximise the smaller financial resources at his disposal and Simeone represents that.

However, former Barcelona coach, Luis Enrique looks like the most likely to get the job according to GNev.

While on Sky Sports punditry duty via Metro, he said:

“Luis Enrique is the favourite, and I’m asking the question, looking at it from a football point of view, who is the right person to take over at Arsenal? Luis Enrique has been successful, but we discussed in the studio how good an opportunity is at Arsenal. What exactly is that opportunity?”

“Is the opportunity to get Arsenal back into the Champions League? Or is the opportunity to get Arsenal to win the Premier League? If it is the latter, one of two things has to happen. They have to have a manager who can punch above his weight, and the second thing that can happen is Arsenal’s board start to match the spending of Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea, but that isn’t likely. So they have to have a manager who can punch above their weight, and the outstanding candidate for me is Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid…”

Questions will continue to arise as to who should succeed Arsene Wenger and many factors will come to play in this regard. One of those factors is the culture Wenger talked about in his message when he announced he will be leaving last week.

It is also unclear if Wenger will be helping the club to choose his replacement but either way it will be interesting to see who steps into Wenger’s shoes over the summer.