Arsenal have announced that another bunch of Premier League fixtures have been moved around just to annoy you.

The Premier League and Sky sneaked a look at your calendar and moved things around just to make your next few weeks extra difficult despite you already moving things around to accommodate the original dates.

Early Man City team news

Arsenal v Southampton which was originally on a Saturday (you know the one where you were going out afterwards in the Easter Holidays?) and is now on Monday, April 9th right in the middle of the kids Easter holidays, and kicking off at 8pm (and not at 7:45pm) just to give you 15 minutes less to get your last train. However, it is on Sky Sports.

The Newcastle United v Arsenal game has now moved from the Saturday to the Sunday, meaning you have to now travel back the 300 odd miles to London on a Sunday. The game kicks off at 1:30pm leaving you to get home from Newcastle before work on Monday, oh, also live on Sky Sports of course.

Arsenal v West Ham United which would have been another nice Saturday game is now Monday 23rd of April meaning another headache, and just for good measure it’s an 8pm KO instead of the slightly friendlier 7:45pm like usual.

Our annual battering at Manchester United (probably at the hands of Alexis Sanchez this year) is now on Sunday, April 29th, moved from the nice and convenient Saturday afternoon.

They’ve added an extra dimension of annoyingness to this one and it could move again if United get to the Champions League semi-final. What that all means, to simplify things is that it will be on the Sunday at 4:30pm on Sky Sports.

Leicester City v Arsenal which was postponed from Saturday, March 17, remains up in the air, but will definitely be rearranged to that week where you are double busy.