During the last summer transfer window when Alexandre Lacazette arrived at Arsenal, Olivier Giroud was expected to leave but he stayed to try and fight for his place.

The 31-year-old striker decided to stay at the club beyond that summer and ended up as our very own supersub, coming off the bench to score many times. It was a very disappointing period for someone who was a first choice striker, being reduced to a bit part player despite performing heroics many times even after the arrival of his international teammate.

On the first match day of this season, he scored the winner against Leicester City in an amazing match, this was just one of his 105 goals in an Arsenal shirt.

Among those 105 goals, 33 (31%) were match winners which is the highest any player has ever had for Arsenal yet Arsenal fans were still quick to criticise him.

If Arsenal had not signed Aubameyang, Oli G would probably have stayed until the end of the season but Arsene Wenger revealed this morning that the player had wanted to stay in London but wanted to play more to try and secure his place on the plane to Russia in this summer’s World Cup.

Joining a rival club like Chelsea has made things difficult to accept for most Arsenal fans but he is among the few players who will always get a warm reception when he returns to play against Arsenal.