As an Arsenal fan, life can be pretty tough, especially around this time of year as the transfer window creaks to a close leaving us all ultimately disappointed.

This year is no exception, we have lost our best player, Alexis Sanchez who went to Manchester United, and we have also recently lost Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Theo Walcott, Francis Coquelin and Gabriel, no great loss based on their recent form I hear you say, but that’s FIVE players out, with just one so far coming in, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who joined as part of the Sanchez deal – well, it could be argued Sanchez left as part of the Mkhitaryan deal but anyway… stan james promo code 2018, find them here.

There are rumours of a replacement striker coming in, but along with those five aforementioned, there are also further rumours that Olivier Giroud could be set to leave The Emirates during this window as well. Something doesn’t add up here, SIX players out, and possibly just TWO coming in. The worst part of all is that the deal to bring Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Arsenal has now hit a snag, a snag which could be relying on either Spurs or Chelsea to make a move, something that is never going to happen.

The Express claim that Dortmund don’t want to sell until they have replaced him, and they’re looking at Chelsea’s Michy Batshauyi, but Chelsea are unwilling to sell unless they have a replacement and have already had a bid refused by Spurs. There’s are further rumours that Olivier Giroud wants to stay in London and could move to Chelsea, but there’s a disparity over the price, and he doesn’t want to move away from London, so who know what is going to happen. but currently, it doesn’t look too positive does it?

There are slightly more positive rumours coming out of Germany today that Aubameyang has been spotted at Dortmund airport, meaning he could be on his way to Arsenal for a medical, but with just one day left of the window, things are getting a little on the tight side.

Meanwhile, we actually have a game tonight – anyone actually remember that we are a football club, which plays football matches? A visit to Swansea this evening in a game which could see Henrikh Mkhitaryan make his debut, and hopefully following the game Arsene Wenger should give us an update on the mess detailed above! With a couple of very hard games for Tottenham on the horizon, this is another must-win for Arsenal and against the club at the bottom of the league, what could possibly go wrong?