Since a major part of currently existing betting strategies are inefficient, most gamblers just waste time and money to find a win-win game system.

Can’t believe there is no such strategy, which brings the bettor sizable profit without considerable risks.

Of course, such system certainly exists and it’s called sports arbitrage betting. Today we’re going to dwell on this topic in detail.

What are sports arbitrage situations?

Arbitrage in sports betting means the situation which gives an opportunity to bet the opposing outcomes of the sports event and get profit no matter the result of the game.

Arbitrage situations (arbs) appear due to difference in odds at bookmakers on the particular outcome. The reason for this difference lies in competition between bookmakers which force them to offer inflated quotation.

Also bookies sometimes fail to react to events that take place during the game and don’t change the odds in time. This fact also contribute to arb appearance.

Arb types

All sports arbitrage situations are divided into several types depending on the number of outcomes and kick-off time.

Thus, dividing them by kick-off time, there are Live and Prematch arbs. Live arbs appear due to odds difference in sports events that take place at this moment in time.

Prematch obviously appear due to the same reasons but in events that begin in a while.

The simplest arbs are called 2way arbs – arbitrage situation with two opposing outcomes is created.

There also exist 3-, 4- and even 5-6 way arbs but they are more complicated to work with since you’d need much more time for calculation and betting.

Arbitrage situation example

Let’s consider an example of sports arbitrage betting. Imagine two different bookmakers (B1 and B2) that offer the odds for the football game between Arsenal and Tottenham:

B1: ТU(2.5) – @1.76, ТO(2.5) – @2.15

B2: ТU(2.5) – @2.03, ТO(2.5) – @2.10

In this case you contemplate the appearance of an arb between ТO(2.5) at B1 and ТU(2.5) at B2 – the odds are higher @2.0, and gambler can profit betting these outcomes regardless the score of the event.

This situation is an obvious arb that rarely appear. In practice, independant search and calculation of arbs is challenging and time-consuming process. That’s why most gamblers choose to work with sports arbitrage through specialized services.

What is sports arbitrage service?

The main objective of arb services is the analysis of bookmaker lines, identification of sports arbitrage situations and supply of these data to the users in the form of convenient table.

BetBurger is the leader among arb scanners. This service is gathering the odds from more than 100 bookmakers in 20+ kinds of sport in Live and Prematch.

User-friendly interface and additional functionality of BetBurger allow to significantly ease the process of working with arbs. Moreover, the service possesses the free calculator that is available even for non-registered users.

Above all, there is the useful section with training materials at Betburger that will help you know more about the sports arbitrage betting.


BetBurger arb scanner is an excellent aid for professionals beyond any doubt. The service offers you to search and calculate arbitrage situations for a relatively small subscription fee.