As we prepare to face table toppers (almost) Tottenham tomorrow, the news is that we are now well and truly in Spurs’ shadow according to the media and may as well not turn up as we’ve already lost.

Spurs’ League Cup win ten years ago clearly overshadows our poor tally of 3 FA Cups since then and their one finish above us in the league in over 20 years means we are now the underdogs for the hotly anticipated clash this weekend. Spurs’ two league titles in over 125 years clearly overshadows our 13, our last one 10 years ago while theirs was just 55 years ago.

Their amazing haul of 8 FA Cups clearly overshadows our so-called-record-breaking 13 times, our last one in May while their last one was just a little bit before ours, seems like yesterday but no, it was 26 years ago (also in May though). They could and probably will overtake our FA Cup tally in the year 2023 assuming they win the next seven FA Cups, something they are bound to do the way they are playing.

As you know, they are above us and out of sight in the league right now, and also finished above us last season, meaning we have now only finished above them 36 more times than they have finished above us (66/30). The tide is definitely turning, at almost Mertesacker speed and at this alarming rate they could overtake us in league positions as early as the year 2054 when we will all have to finally admit to the power shift.

Fekir blow as President rules out move

Everyone knows that Pochettino is now the best manager in the world according to the media, Spurs the best team and they’re so good they even get their own ref for the game, in Mike Dean who will be hoping (and making sure) that his side run out winners in the game.

Best ever London derbies according to The Telegraph

Sky pointed out this morning that Pochettino’s early Spurs career is just like that of Arsene Wenger’s at Arsenal back in the 90s, just without all the trophies, doubles and actually winning stuff, you know, all that nonsense.

This guy on Twitter has highlighted to huge amount of trophies Pochettino and Wenger have won between them:

In team news, Tottenham’s walking wounded have all miraculously recovered after they all sadly missed the international break, spurning the chance to play for their country to rest and prepare for the Arsenal game, sorry I mean recover from their terrible career-threatening injuries.

We do have a few missing, Welbeck and Mustafi could return but Giroud is out, while Ramsey should be ok after missing Wales’ game in the week through injury/resting.

An unlikely win against all the odds for Arsenal could close the huge gap behind the best team in Europe to an unassailable one point, while the inevitable win for Spurs courtesy of Mike Dean of course would see them climb to 2nd, a whopping SEVEN points ahead of us. A seven point gap, as we know is something no team has ever clawed back especially a team living in such a black shadow as cast by Tottenham over us.

So as Spurs continue to amaze and astound with their entertaining and original brand of football, we will continue in our negative spiral, all we hope is that football is the winner tomorrow.

Actually, let’s hope Arsenal are the winners as Spurs are … well, you know, Spurssy.

ArsenalShorts prediction: Koscielny red card, Spurs penalty, Alli/Kane dive, two goals for Mike Dean and the inevitable Spurs win and they remain top dogs in London.