The draw for the next round of the Carabao Cup was finally made this afternoon in some sweaty internet cafe just off the A34 in Mosul.

There was ‘uproar’ according to the Daily Express after Question of Sport presenters Matt Dawson (egg chaser) and Arsenal fan Phil Tufnell (cricketer) were selected to do the draw many fans claiming they have nothing to do with football.

The draw was delayed by over an hour due to a ‘problem at Twitter HQ’ (ok Carabao mate…), but it was finally drawn and the ties for Round Five were made.

So anyway, our reward for squeezing past Norwich in the week thanks to Eddie Nketiah’s heroics means we will now face West Ham at home in the next round of the competition, what could possibly go wrong?

We have now beaten Doncaster Rovers (at home) and Norwich City (at home) and it will be a bonus to be at home for a third time, many clubs enjoy playing at home as they feel like they have an advantage over the visiting side, which is why Spurs lost as they played at Wembley.

Here are some highlights of the third round from earlier in the week:

Rest of the draw is as follows:

Chelsea v Bournemouth
Arsenal v West Ham
Leicester v Man City
Bristol City v Man Utd

The League Cup remains Spurs’ last trophy, won in 2008 when they beat Leicester 2-1 in the final almost 10 years ago. However, their last proper trophy remains the FA Cup in 1991 – 26 years ago.

Also, while we’re here, it’s also worth remembering their last league title was in 1961, 56 years ago.