Good afternoon punters – just a quick note to let you know we are going to be adding a lot more photos of pints of beer to the Instagram account which you can find here:

Akers had lost the password, but after a massive session on the Doombar Tops this weekend, it came back to him in a flash of inspiration as his memory came back in small parts – please don’t ask him about Copenhagen 2012, it really just isn’t worth it #awkward

If you are one of our literally THOUSANDS of members on instagram/shortsarsenal – just unfollow and add @arsenalshorts instead.

You can join our FB page, and obviously Twitter is there too, going to try and up my game across all social media, which means I’ll be doing it for a week, then forget again – all details are here on the contact page.

Going to continue to crack on with the site as best we can, please drop us a mail to which is also now set up properly.

Cheers and let’s get behind The Arsenal tonight, it’s a real trophy Jose told me!!