After a fairly positive first half performance from the lads, we just fell apart and it was a late, late winner from Tom Cleverley (I know, right?!) which broke our hearts and ended our little unbeaten run. The result now means we have just one point from our away games this season, the 0-0 draw at Chelsea and we have scored just one goal on the road and lost 3 times out of 4, scoring once and conceding 7 goals.

Per Mertesacker on his first start for months put us ahead with a Giroud style bullet header from a corner, and things were going ok. Then Watford were given a penalty for a dive, which they scored, Cech has now conceded every penalty he has faced in an Arsenal shirt, 12 or something. Then in the last minute, there was a Birmingham League Cup Final style mix up between Cech and Per, which led to the loose ball falling to Cleverley who made no mistake in putting it away and winning the game for the Hornets.

Not sure the result was a surprise to many Arsenal fans, we seemed to have it all wrong again, and that is down to the Manager. The amazing street magician Troy Deeney said afterwards that no one fears Arsenal anymore and we lack ‘cojones’ and he is very, very right about that. Back in the 80s and 90s at Highbury, you used to go to watch Arsenal and you’d expect us to win, we’d brush past sides like Watford with ease and teams panicked when Arsenal came to town, but not now.

There seems to be none of the Arsenal swagger which we used to possess by the bucket load, half of our players just aren’t good enough, the other half are injured half of the time and the other half (wait, what?) don’t seem to want to play for Arsenal any more. …and I’ve said it already, a lot of that is down to the Manager. Stoke love playing us at their place, they take the roof off of the place and scare us half to death and generally do very well against us.

Back to the team, you have Cech who has never saved a penalty, you have Koscielny who is always injured, you have your Ramsey, Walcott, Iwobi. El Nenny who sometimes manage to paper over their own cracks so to speak but are just not good enough for Arsenal. You have Ozil and Sanchez who just don’t want to be there, Jack Wilshere who seems to have fallen out of love with the club and can’t wait to leave in January. Welbeck is injured again, Mustafi out for 6 weeks, the club is in a mess. Some of that, yes isn’t down to Wenger, but still, he doesn’t seem to command the same respect as he once did and you have no faith in him to fix things up.

If Sanchez and Ozil, both dropped again yesterday don’t want to play for us, then let them leave, let them leave on January the 1st or whenever the stupid window opens. Invest that money and the Oxlade-Chamberlain money in some decent, hard working players that will make us great again. No more messing around with last minute offers on players we were never going to get, no more bidding for players which would never come to us.

This season is already in danger of slipping away from us unless we can sort things out, so please let’s get it fixed up and quick. Luckily for us, Liverpool, United and Chelsea all dropped points yesterday, but as usual, we failed to capitalise. Spurs carry on winning, Man City are unstoppable while we just pootle along, losing and drawing games we once won at a canter.

We need to invest in a new heart and a new spine or we can forget about Top 4, or even Top 6 at this rate, as for actually winning the league, you know, like we used to…? Er… I don’t think so.