What does Arsenal Lotto Entail?

People who are not very keen on football might not appreciate how remarkable this lottery-betting site is. However, when they discover that it was set up to collect money for sports and outreach programs for the community, called Arsenal Foundation, they realize its importance.

Arsenal Lotto uses the name of the popular FA Cup and the foundation works in collaboration with MyLotto24, which is well known, and Lotto network to present this lotto betting online service.

It is very easy to play this lottery as it just needs 6 numbers for each stake and you can include whatever number of entries you want. The actual results are obtained from the German National Lottery that provides jackpot prizes worth an average of 7.5m with rollovers going to even £40m.

History of Arsenal Lottery

The Arsenal Foundation was set up in 2012 to try and make an impressionable legacy of giving services to the community. Today, £1m and more of jackpot prizes have been provided to support local and global projects that enable youthful individuals to succeed and get a chance.

Apart from this, Arsenal F.C. has contributed money to organizations that provide solutions in regard to kids with disabilities and autism. The players also take part in social activities to interact with the community.

Therefore, when you buy an Arsenal Lottery ticket, you are joining a non-UK lottery that features a jackpot whose average is £7.5 million with rollovers of even £40 million.

It is therefore correct to state that this lottery is truly worth the bet. You do not just take part in a charitable venture, but you also have a chance to become a millionaire!It is a lot more fun to select digits in the Arsenal Lottery, compared to the conventional lottery, at least for Arsenal fans. This is all carried out at the official website for Arsenal Lottery. Rather than selecting plain digits, you choose 6 players depending on the numbers of their jersey and one legend, which is an extra digit.

After this, simply select the day you wish to take part in the draw, choose the number of weeks you want entries and you are done. To win the level with the highest prize, one should guess each of the six digits as well as the legend.

There is an overall of 6 levels that vary from guessing each of the 7 digits down to the lowest level. Here, when you guess the legend, you obtain 0.5 free lotto lines.

Benefits Provided by Arsenal Lotto

Other than this lottery sponsoring a major charity organization and 26% of the money being given to the Arsenal Foundation, it has two varied syndicate options also.

They have a monthly draw also that enables the lucky winner to go to the Arsenal training grounds. The second prize is in form of Arsenal signed merchandise or match tickets. When players play frequently, they can win free lines as well.

Customer Services

Arsenal Lotto is totally honest in regard to their identity and have availed all the essential data on site. Their customer support can be accessed from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm UK time on Weekdays and Saturdays. They have also availed their email address, telephone number and snail mail address.