Arsene Wenger’s press conference ahead of the Bournemouth game was a little ray of sunshine peaking through the Hurricane Stan we have had to endure of late.

He revealed so much positivity, it was almost like he realised that we have all been suicidal for most of August and decided to cheer us all up, more details over at Football.London. 

Smack, positive blow to the jaw #1: Santi Cazorla is running today, and could be in back in 2018. #lans

AW: “The thing about Santi is he is having his first run today so that is positive…”

Boom, positive blow to the jaw #2: Sanchez is back and focused, and he’ll be assessed fitness-wise after his injury scare.

Whack, positive blow to the jaw #3: Jack Wilshere still needs some fitness work, but is getting stronger by the day according to le Boss.

So much positivity, it’s almost like we’re one of the only three sides in the Premier League with a trophy, it’s like its not been 10,000 days since we won the PL (ahem, Liverpool) or 56 YEARS since we won the league (you know who you are), we have an improved (believe it or not) multi-million pound squad capable of winning more things (…but, ArsenalShorts, what about Liverpool and Stoke, all the contracts being run down, and transfer windo— SHUT UP VIC!)

The final squad is yet to be announced as we need to check on the fitness of the players who have been away on international duty, such as Alexis and Aaron Ramsey, along with Laurent Koscielny who was rumoured to have picked up an injury but let’s hope we can retain this positivity and turn in into points against Bournemouth this weekend.