BT and Sky Sports have announced some more a-messing and a-mucking around with our fixtures in the coming few weeks. This means we have to plan our drinking, traveling, days off and going-to-work-with-hangovers very carefully.

Watford v Arsenal, Saturday, October 14, Kick-off: 5.30pm, live on BT Sport. Should be fine, good all dayer potential, lie in Sunday. Booze rating: 9/10

Everton v Arsenal, Sunday, October 22, Kick-off: 1.30pm, get your drinking done early, take it easy after the game, live on Sky. Booze rating 3/10.

Manchester City v Arsenal, Sunday, November 5, kick-off at 2.15pm, live on Sky. Booze rating 3/10. Another long one – possible Monday off potential.

Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur, Sunday, November 19, kick-off at 1.30pm, live on Sky. Always a nervy one, win and its party time, draw/lose and its sulky time. Booze rating 0/10 or 10/10 depending on the result. This game could still be put back to Saturday, November 18, kicking off 12.30pm if Spurs/Champions League, something something.

Burnley v Arsenal will now be Sunday, November 26, kick-off at 2pm. Another huge journey for Gooners, Sky and BT really don’t like Arsenal fans do they? Booze rating: 2/10 – day off Monday could be a must.

All these long, late Sunday away days I guess this is the price you pay for dropping down in to Thursday night football, and The Europa League.

Anyways, this opening weekend promises to be a good one as well, with us playing tonight against Leicester at 7.45pm on Sky Sports.

Tomorrow lunchtime, it’s Watford v Liverpool, then the 5:30pm kick off is Brighton against Man City on BT Sport.

Sunday its 1-1 at Newcastle who play Spurs at 1:30pm, then at 4pm it’s Man Utd (of course) against West Ham from Old Trafford, and it’s liiiiiive…

Welcome back football!

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