Alexis Back at Work…
Alexis Sanchez is back to England after the Confederations Cup, a holiday and an illness. The Chilean superstar jetted into London and added a photo on his Instagram to confirm he’d arrived back in the UK. It’s thought he will be assessed this week to see what shape he is in but won’t play a part in the Community Shield this Sunday. However, it’s thought that he should hopefully be in contention for the Leicester game next Friday at home as we kick off the Premier League season.

Sanchez took it easy on holiday, and only ran 9 marathons and climbed 14 mountains with his dogs as he relaxed in his sunshine paradise for 3 days.

Emirates Cup Success!
Despite losing 2-1 to Sevilla on Sunday, we somehow managed to win the Emirates Cup overall, thanks to our 5-2 victory over Benfica on the Saturday in the topsy turvy tournament, where you only play two of the other three teams for some reason.

Points were awarded for goals scored as well as games won/drawn and thanks to our five goals on Saturday, it meant we won the coveted tournament ahead of Sevilla who won both of their games, but sadly didn’t score enough goals. Shame that.

There’s plenty of action and reaction on the site if you want to see all the goals, including Alexandre Lacazette’s first Emirates goal.

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted
Our learned owner and wigged avenger Stan Kroenke has endeared himself further to Arsenal fans with the launch of his new TV channel.

His channel is called My Outdoor Channel (MOTV) and launched in the UK yesterday. The move caused outrage across Twitter, including celebrity bell-ends such as Piers Morgan and Kevin Pietersen.