There are more than 50 popular football leagues you can bet on. However, choosing the right league can be a difficult task as some leagues can be very unpredictable. For instance, if we talk about the German Bundesliga, Bayern Munich have been winning the league every year since 2012. On the other hand, the Premier League has seen four different champions in the last five years.

Experts say that you should pick the football league which you know best. If you’re looking to experiment and win through other leagues, study their home and away factors as they will play a significant role. Every league consists of teams that have huge home advantages.

It would be wise to go for the leagues which offer excellent odds on home betting. For instance, if Manchester United are playing Burnley at Old Trafford, we all know who has the upper hand. But if United are playing at Stoke, Manchester United may be the stronger team on paper but Stoke City may have the upper hand because of their home form.

Next comes top flight football leagues and second tier football leagues. If you’re betting online, you can easily see all the fixtures for any league and make a very specific choice on which league you want to bet on. For example, at Sun Bets you can get a clear visual of all the leagues and upcoming matches on their football betting page ( which is ideal for bettors who want to get a good overview of what’s on offer.

Second-tier games are normally more unpredictable to people, as they know less about the teams in the division and anyone can usually beat anyone.

With big leagues, you have access to extensive information on the form of the players, match statistics, transfers and everything in between. That isn’t to say there’s no information about second tier leagues or the leagues which are not in the top 20, but not many bookmakers deal in leagues outside the top ten. The primary reason behind this is that big leagues have more markets to bet on. With smaller leagues, not only is the information limited, but the markets are too.

Most new bettors will start with the most popular league. Your success will depend on the strategies you use. You’ll only get a return on investment if you bet strategically.

There are two key rules to keep in mind if you are looking to get involved in football betting:

  • Bet on the league(s) you know best and those that you can find a lot of information on. Ideally, you should be informed on their trends, the players, the manager, injuries and general match statistics.
  • If you place live bets online, go with whichever league has the best odds in that moment. As long as you understand the basics, you should be able to make a profit.

So, which are the current best leagues in the world that you can bet on?

  1. The Premier League
  2. Spanish La Liga
  3. German Bundesliga
  4. Italian Serie A
  5. French Ligue 1

These leagues have more markets and bets to play with. If you’re a beginner, pick any of these five leagues and try your luck. It’s important to note that you aren’t guaranteed instant profits if you bet in the big leagues.

If you’re looking for different options, why not try some of the following leagues:

  1. National Premier Leagues Queensland
  2. Capital League 1
  3. Chinese Super League
  4. Major League Soccer (MLS)
  5. Campeonato Brasileiro Série A

Choose the league that you feel most confident putting your money on and don’t get involved in any markets that you’re unsure of.