The Premier League fixtures were released today, and we open our league season with a visit from last season’s defeated Champions from the year before as Leicester come to town on August the 12th at The Emirates (my birthday incidentally).

I know you can’t tell yet, but our run-in seems pretty kind, with just Man United as a ‘big team’ after March, so it’s pretty clear to me, that Old Trafford is where we win the 2017/18 Premier League title. February could be last season’s April, with a Tottenham away sandwich, Everton and Man City providing the breaded home games.

We play last season’s ‘put the pressure on’ champions, Spurs on the 18th of November at home, while we play at the home of our last three FA Cup victories as we face Spurs ‘away’ on February the 10th 2018 at Wembley.

For a full fixture list, see here, please note these games are subject to Sky and BT messing around with them, so don’t go booking your MegaBus just yet. What a killer blow this is, on that page, the club announce a few games which will move as they ‘are after Europa League matches’, think I have a little something in my eye… ‘the Champiiiiiiiioooooooooooons…’