According to a report in today’s Daily Telegraph, the club are preparing to sign Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil on long term deals this week.

After another amazing performance combo in Saturday’s FA Cup final, where you may remember we beat Chelsea 2-1, our two superstars are all set to become our highest paid, with salaries of £250,000 for Ozil, and £280,000 for Alexis, if the reports are to be believed.

It’s thought that Arsene Wenger’s future will also be decided this week, and it looks increasingly likely the Frenchman will sign a two year deal, making a large section of our fan base fairly unhappy, despite his masterminding of another FA Cup this weekend.

It’s also thought that the club may try and restructure things, with the appointment of a Sporting Director, along with other new appointees to try and take some of the pressure off of Wenger, who currently runs the club on his own, even making the lunches most days, and sweeping the car park when everyone has gone home.

It’s thought that Wenger has told the board that he will go all out for the Premier League next season with investment in a few new players and the ability to tie down our current squad, many of whom are out of contract next summer.

There is a board meeting this week, so it’s the start of another exciting Arsenal week and a very long summer!