Arsene Wenger, this morning, announced that the rumours about Olivier Giroud flying about this week are news to him.

There was paper talk breaking late yesterday that Giroud was wanted by Marseille, and they were prepared to pay around £20m for him in the summer.

Reminds me of the time that Akers went in to Paul Smith and offered them £8.50 for a new suit. He was off his bonce on magic mushrooms, and didn’t take their refusal too well – puked up all over his shorts down the side of Frankie and Bennie’s, he’s never been the same since.

Latest news on Sead Kolasinac deal.

Anyway, Wenger unsurprisingly denied there had been any contact from Marseille for the player whose contract expires in 2019:

“I have had no approach from Marseille, we want to keep Giroud…”

Spurs have now lost seven semi-finals in a row at Wembley, a new record – as we head to our record breaking 20th final. Not relevant to this story of course, but always worth another mention.