Young Gun, Going for It…
Eddie Nketiah scored a hat-trick for England U18s on Monday helping them to a 4-0 win against Qatar.

He has also scored 19 goals in 18 games for Arsenal recently, and said:

“Great 4-0 win vs Qatar, happy to score three goals for my country…”

He has scored 19 goals in 18 starts in all competitions for the Gunners at youth level, does anyone know if he can play DM?

Wham! Rap.
Alexis Sanchez was caught speeding in his native Chile last week, doing 96mph in Santiago (in his car, he wasn’t out for a jog, though that wouldn’t be a surprise). Anyway, he’s already been fined and has to appear in court in April… Oops.

Sterling: I’m Your Man…
Raheem Sterling WILL be fit to face Arsenal (of course) this weekend as we play Man City at home in what feels like our first game in weeks.

A badly timed interlull has meant we’ve had to stew in a putrid broth of recent disappointment while media, ex-players and fans alike, lay into Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, but the wait is almost over for us to try and at least get a decent league win under our belt for the first time since the 11th of February.

Just as you thought we might get some welcome news, it appears, despite going off injured for England with a back knock, Raheem Sterling will be fit to play the game which kicks off on Sunday at 4pm. A win for City would surely end any hope of a top four spot for us, yet another must-win for Wenger.

More later reader(s)…