As things stand, we’re now languishing in 6th place, below Spurs and Man United, with Everton just below us by a couple of goals, we are out of the Champions League, total turmoil surrounding the club, and the future of the manager, and with our next league game against Man City, things are not looking good for Arsenal right now. Our record against the top six continues to cost us, we’re bottom of that mini-league, still with Spurs, United and Man City to play. We are now an incredible 19 points from the top of the Premier League, we’re closer to relegation than we are to winning the league (this isn’t actually true, but I’ve written it now).

There is a tiny, slim glimmer of winning silverware on the horizon, but to win the FA Cup, we will have to overcome Aguero and co in the semi-final, and then the small matter of beating one of the top two Premier League teams, so IF (and it’s a HUGE if) we win the FA Cup, we’d totally deserve it this season but it’s not looking likely. Suppose we have (somehow) beaten Chelsea this season already, but still…

Plus on top of all of this, we’re playing so badly, worse than I can remember for a long time, no one seems to care, no one willing to dig deep enough to turn things around. The usual suspects are not performing (Mustafi, Theo, Iwobi, Ramsey etc etc etc) Ozil seems to be AWOL, Sanchez looks to be out for ‘a number of weeks’, picking up a nasty ankle injury during Saturday’s defeat. Cech also got injured during the game which could turn out as a blessing in disguise, though Ospina wasn’t much better to be honest. No one is firing and the only player who seems to want to win games for us is now out for God knows how long, morale seems to be at an all time low, the media are laying into us at every opportunity and it’s getting worse by the day.

Spurs ARE going to finish above us, even they can’t Spurs it up this time, their fixtures are kinder, they are in-form, even without their injured Arsenal fan Harry Kane, and surely even they can’t capitulate like they did last season (and so many season’s before). Don’t get me wrong, I would Kevin Keegan LOVE it if they did, but the way things are going this season, I’m really not feeling very confident about anything good happening between now and the end of the season.

West Brom away is never an easy place to go, we went behind due to yet more TERRIBLE defending, Sanchez (who else?) equalised, we went behind again, then I switched off because I knew what was coming next, and it could have been a whole lot worse.

From bad to even worse, we now have two weeks to stew/dwell on things thanks to an interlull. Ozil is apparently going to play for Germany, but can’t play for us, definitely more to that story than meets the eye, let’s hope the interlull gives Wenger the time he needs to sort things out with the squad.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – what an effing jeffing mess we’re in, not sure even Le Boss can turn things around this time.