Well, what can you say about this latest kick in the goolies, the last in a long line of recent kicks in the goolies? Everton, Man City, Chelsea, Munich away, Watford, Liverpool twice, all games where we’ve been right royally kicked in the goolies. This one for me, didn’t make me feel like my goolies were in my stomach nor did it make me double up in pain, this one made me feel like I never had any goolies, or that my goolies were made of metal and the guy who was kicking them, let’s call him Stuart, was kicking away while I wasn’t even registering any pain. It was numbness, there was nothing, just the emptiness of nothingness.

We were out already, but the promise of some sort of comeback made us sit up, albeit slowly, and quietly, hold on, another one before half time, and we only need two more. It’s the hope that kills you…

Anyway, that’s enough about goolies and the kicking thereof, let’s be honest, we lost the game in the first leg after Kos the Boss was red carded, and a similar, if not, exactly the same fate befell our leader last night, red carded for giving away a penalty after the ref had yellow carded him, and then changed his mind. Before that, football was fun again for almost an hour, no one gave us a chance to get through, but we’d taken the lead, and get this… we were playing better than well, we were actually awesomely, despite knowing a goal for the Germans ended the tie.

We had a pretty good penalty appeal turned down after the goal, Oli G could have scored, Theo had a chance to add to his tally of one, so we actually had the chance to rectify the situation, that was until Lewandowski conned the ref into giving a penalty, which he despatched for 1-1, 6-2 on aggregate, and the tie was over.

I switched the TV off at this point, so if you want the gory details, go here, if not see you tomorrow.

Lincoln up next in the FA Cup, this Saturday evening. Don’t. Even. Go. There.

Goolies. COYG.

Ospina let in 10 in two games v Munich, but wants to leave? Ok mate.