Reports in The Times today, that David Ospina is after a move away from The Emirates, the player not happy at being Arsene Wenger’s Cup Keeper. To be fair, it does sound like a job you’d give to children who are too stupid to do anything else, along with door closer, shoe-putter-awayer and Tottenham fan.

Anyway, it seems as though, if The Times are to be believed, Ospina could be right behind Alexis Sanchez, Jack Wilshere, Mesut Ozil and even the man himself Arsene Wenger as it seems that our club is falling apart before our very eyes.

It’s also claimed that Petr Cech isn’t happy about not playing in the Champions League games – now, I’m no under-fire Premier League manager, but Cech moaning about not playing CL and Ospina moaning about no league games, the solution is staring Wenger right in the face – swap them over! Stop your moaning, you’re playing in all the cup games now Pete, and Super Dav, you’ll not miss another league game, sorted lads, lets get down the Winchester Club for a few…

Anyway, whether this is yet another rumour to try to unsettle the rest of our already very unsettled season, or if there is any truth in it remains to be seen, there’s also the Wojciech Szczesny factor, the Polish keeper doing well at Roma, and being a true Gooner, he’d probably jump at the chance to return to The Emirates, whether Wenger or a new manager would want him back is another matter.

David Ospina is set to start in our Champions League second leg against Bayern Munich tonight at The Emirates, where nothing short of a miracle would see us through to the next round, where we’d no doubt just be draw against Bayern Munich again anyway.